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Cyanotype process (aka Blue Prints) appeared at the dawn of photography, being presented in 1842 by John Herschel, an english astronomer. In common with other early photographic processes it demands the use of contact printing. It is cheap and easy and both traditional formula and other variations can be found on this page. There is also a modern cyanotype method, devised by Mike Ware.

sax cyanotype
The Negative
The Print

  Cyanotype process belongs to the category of "alternative photographic processes" (see also the FAQ). If you are interested in experimenting some of these processes I suggest you to buy the book Spirits of Salts, published very recently. You can buy on-line both kits for a specific process and raw chemicals from Silverprint and Fotospeed (UK), or Bostick & Sullivan and Photoformulary (US).