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www.alternativephotography.com - no comment! (there are also some of my pictures in the artist gallery)

Terry King's website -  Chairman of The Historical Group of the Royal Photographic Society &
                                     Founder of Alternative Photography International Symposium

Ragnatela magazine - my article on alternative photography (italian/spanish)

Gruppo Namias - the italian website for old processes

Unblinking Eye - great resource on Alternative Photography (see also the links)

Edwardo Aites - an american artist very keen on Alternative Photography

Edinphoto - an historical outline of early photography processes

Archivio Fotografie e Immagini Foto Search - A photographic archive with royalty free images

Gente di Fotografia - My article on the cyanotype technique was published by this italian magazine
                                  (n. 41, pp. 78-83, 2006)